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I, T.R. Knight, am a freelance editor and proofreader, working on tabletop and rpg game projects for various publishers. My interest in games began at an early age playing various board and card games with my family, then in junior high I was introduced to the Villains & Vigilantes roleplaying game, becoming hooked to rpgs for life. My roleplaying hobby continued to grow, and along the way I was introduced to board games such as Axis & Allies and Talisman, which fascinated me. I vividly remember being introduced to the larger world of hobby games when friends shared Settlers of Catan with my wife and I.  My game collection continues to grow as a result.

In 2013, I was offered the opportunity to proofread my first rpg, Interface Zero 2.0 by Gun Metal Games. Soon to follow was Mindjammer 2.0 from Mindjammer Press. These two challenging projects awakened a passion to help others with their creative endeavors, thus began my life as a freelance editor and proofreader in the game industry. Since that time, I have been developing my skills and talents with various projects. Thanks go out to Angus Abranson (Chronicle City), Chris Birch (Modiphius), David Jarvis (Gun Metal Games), and Sarah Newton (Mindjammer Press) for giving me my initial projects and encouraging me as I developed my early skills as a proofreader and editor.

This blog was begun so I could share my experiences and insights as a game industry freelancer with hopes that it might help others who are or aspire to be game industry freelancers. Since that beginning, it has become more than just freelancing. I have also shared my life as a caregiver for my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis, championed accessibility in gaming and at conventions, discussed teaching game related courses (Game Studies, Writing & Editing for Gaming, Tabletop Game Writing Lab), and opened up about my life experiences.

Special thanks go out to my amazing family. I could not pursue this passion for gaming and freelancing without the encouragement and support of my wife, Angie, and twin daughters, Emily and Rachel. Playing games with them inspires me to help others create the best games possible that I would be proud to share with my family.

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