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Clearing The Cobwebs

Clearing The Cobwebs

Clearing The Cobwebs

I was sitting at my desk this weekend pondering what to write for today’s blog. I just could not come up with anything, and at one point I looked up at the ceiling to think when I saw some cobwebs I need to remove. Suddenly, I couldn’t think of anything else but those annoying cobwebs. Not that I had an overriding desire to get up there and clean them. In fact, it is very possible they are still hanging there on the ceiling as you read this. I hope that I get them cleaned off soon.

No, the reason I kept staring at them is that they symbolized how my mind felt at that very moment. So much has been going on at my day job and in my family recently that it has been very hard to concentrate on any one particular thing. Very stressful times at work with lots of change coming soon. Very emotional experience helping my parents move my grandparents into assisted living and cleaning up my grandparents’ house. Very personal challenge at home with my wife’s multiple sclerosis flaring up more recently. All of these and a few more private things have combined recently to make my mind and emotions a cobweb of confusion. It has been very difficult to focus recently.

These cobwebs have occurred during a lull in my freelancing. Now, this very weekend, I have been offered two significant projects. I need to clear out those cobwebs so I can do my best on these projects. And to be very honest, I look forward to this freelancing work. I have missed having this creative outlet with deadlines I must meet. Freelancing gives me a focus and a drive separate from the stresses and challenges I have experienced recently. Freelancing forces me to clear the cobwebs out of necessity, and it acts as the vehicle to do that very clearing.

Do you find your freelancing cathartic as I do? Because I do not edit, write or proofread as my full-time job, I likely view my work differently than others. Freelancing is my other job, a very creative job, a job very different than my day job. Thus, I find my freelancing work relaxing and refreshing even with its challenges and deadlines. The hard work, focus and discipline required for my freelancing help clear my head of Life’s other cobwebs.

How do you clear your cobwebs? If your freelance work is not your catharsis, what is? How do you clear your head and heart to be able to focus and do your best freelance work?