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Cyclopaedia Nominated For An ENnie Award

Cyclopaedia Nominated For An ENnie Award

Cyclopaedia Nominated For An ENnie Award

My Cyclopaedia blog series on Innroads Ministries has been nominated for a 2017 ENnie Award in the Best Blog category. For my readers that are unaware of this award, the ENnies are one of the most prestigious awards for roleplaying games. I am so honored to be among an amazing group of games, accessories, blogs, and websites. I have attended the ENnie Awards at Gen Con for years and to be among this group of talented creators as a nominee is overwhelming and inspiring. Thanks so much for all those that support Cyclopaedia and made this possible. Voting this year will take place from July 11 to July 21.

Cyclopaedia is a labor of love that I started when Mike Perna of Innroads Ministries put out an open call for new writers for the website. Through his encouragement and some inspiration from my friend, Lynne Hardy, I took a chance and started the series. I really enjoy doing the research each month for these articles and hearing the feedback of the readers. It is amazing to look back over this past year and half, to see all the topics covered, and now to see this work recognized by the ENnies judges. Attending the ENnie Awards this year will be a very different experience. I have attended for years in support of my friends in the industry and for projects I have assisted with as a freelancer. To be attending the ENnies as a nominee for my own personal project will be an amazing (and somewhat nerve-wracking) new experience. I look forward to my wife and daughters attending the event with me.

Thanks to Mike Perna of Innroads Ministries for encouraging my blog, special thanks to my wife, Angie, for supporting my creative work and being my editor, and thanks to all my readers, for whose enjoyment I delve deep into these topics each month.


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