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Demoing Games at a Convention

Demoing Games at a Convention

Demoing Games at a Convention

Gen Con 2019 is quickly approaching! Right after Gen Con 2018, I discussed how our Gen Con 2019 plans were in flux. Well, we are still finalizing our schedule, which I will discuss in a later blog post, but I can talk about what I do know we will be doing and ask for some advice.

My daughters and I will be demoing games in the Stronghold Games booth at Gen Con each day from 2 pm to Exhibit Hall close. Currently planning to have Brikks, Ganz Schön Clever, Second Chance, Subtext, Twice as Clever, and Valparaiso in the booth, and hopefully Dizzle & Encore! as well. My daughters and I are watching videos, reading rulebooks, playing the games, and practicing teaching them.

Here is where you come in.

Have you had games taught to you at a convention, game store, or game day? If so, I would love to hear your experiences.

  • What do you like to experience in a demo?
  • What has made that experience great for you?
  • What has made that experience poor for you (so we can avoid it)?

Have you demoed games for people at a convention? If so, give me some pointers.

  • How do you engage the fans?
  • How do you encapsulate the game in a short demo?
  • What are gotchas you have experienced we can avoid?

We are really looking forward to engaging with the fans and teaching these games. Any insights you can give us with help us make others have a great time at Gen Con. Thanks!