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Game Studies Course #9: Additional Resources

Game Studies Course #9: Additional Resources

Game Studies Course #9: Additional Resources

The Game Studies course development nears completion as the Spring Semester at Taylor University quickly approaches. Along with the textbooks and further reading, we are compiling a core list of additional resources to assist the students in understanding games and game studies. These websites are not required but provide useful information regarding Game Reviews, Game Components, Game Play and Game Industry Insights.

Dr. Denning and I admit this is not a comprehensive list of useful game-related websites. The goal is to compile a core list that points the students in the proper direction giving them insights into games and game studies. The goal is a core list of websites devoted to Digital Games and Tabletop Games that give an overview of the game industry and game community while pointing the students in a direction to seek out further resources.

After reviewing our current list, are there other sites you feel we really should be including in the core list to get the students focused in the proper direction? Why would you include them in the core list? Are there items on our current list you would recommend we replace with an alternate website?


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