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Gaming With Grandparents

Gaming With Grandparents

Gaming With Grandparents

My Grandma Betty passed away this week, and my Grandpa Herschel back in July, both after extended illnesses. We have been celebrating lives well lived and sharing memories with family and friends. For me, I have so many great memories of visits with all of my grandparents, many of which involved food, fellowship, and fun. I don’t know about your family, but mine enjoyed puzzles, games, and sports.

With my Grandfather Thomas, I spent a lot of time fishing, eating KFC, and playing backgammon. With my Grandma Ruby I couldn’t get enough of her amazing peanut butter fudge and playing rummy or other card games. With my Grandpa Herschel I spent so much time getting trounced in horse or ping pong then sipping on lemonade or tea. With my Grandma Betty, I savored her seven layer cookies and enjoyed playing Rummikub and Personal Preference.

Now I watch my daughters enjoying camping, kayaking, swimming, and traveling with their grandparents. They also like doing puzzles, playing with hotwheels, and playing games like Life, Waterworks, Upwards, Rummikub, Tsuro, Diamonds, Five Cucumbers, and more… as well as introducing new games to their grandparents.

Cherish these moments with your family, playing sports, going on outdoor adventures, or sitting around a table sharing a meal, chatting, and playing a game.


2 thoughts on “Gaming With Grandparents

  1. Alex Mellen

    It’s Rummikub with my grandma as well, and crazy rummy and euchre on the other side of the family. I have yet to get my parents excited about anything more complex than Ticket to Ride, but we have a few options to choose from.

    1. T.R. Knight Post author

      Both my parents and my in-laws are huge Euchre players. I found they really enjoy other card games, Diamonds and Five Cucumbers have quickly become family favorites. They have both also gotten into some of our hobby board games including Tsuro and Bob Ross: Art of Chill.