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Gen Con 50 View From The Chair

Gen Con 50 View From The Chair

Gen Con 50 View From The Chair

This year I am taking a break from the blog while attending Gen Con. I will be posting to Facebook and Twitter throughout the week, including my #RPGaDAY thoughts. I will return to the blog with a Gen Con summary on Monday, August 20th.

Instead of reading my blog, I encourage you to head over to my wife’s blog this week. Angie will be writing about her experiences at Gen Con from an accessibility perspective as she and I wander the convention with her wheelchair. We did a similar series last year and she plans to expand upon it this year. She only attended the beginning of Gen Con last year, while this year she will be attending the entire week and attending many more events and experiencing the convention as a whole. Read about how Multiple Sclerosis impacts that experience and how we adjust to enjoy the event.


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