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Happy Sweet Sixteen To My Twin Daughters

Happy Sweet Sixteen To My Twin Daughters

Happy Sweet Sixteen To My Twin Daughters

“To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.” – Euripides

Indulge this proud daddy a moment to honor his lovely daughters on this very special sweet sixteen birthday.

Twins Birth

Rachel & Emily (and the tired parents) at birth!

Reflect back with me to the 8th of June in the year 1999. That very day, my beautiful wife and I were blessed with twin daughters, Emily and Rachel. Exhausted and exhilerated, we only had inklings of what was to occur over the years ahead. That first year of life as parents of twins was a blur. We still find movies and CDs in sale bins that we have never heard of, and laugh when we flip the case over to look at the date to see it was released in the 1999 to 2000 time frame. My heart was already in love, but it melted the first time you called me “daddy” and still does to this day.

Twins in 2015

Rachel and Emily (and the awake parents) today!

Return with me to today, “You are 16 going on 17.” (from Sound of Music) Over the years, we have enjoyed ballet and piano recitals, summer camps, plays and musicals, band concerts, hiking and fishing, youth group, cooking and crafts, academic honors, gadgets and games, traveling, Broadway and rock, ICCM, freelancing and Gen Con, sports, family and friends. Along the way, you have loved your daddy, honoring him by sharing in his passions. You enjoyed playing games with me from Go Fish early on, to the most challenging board games today, and now we are looking to starting up a roleplaying campaign. You now have playlists that include songs from your daddy’s favorite classic rock bands and Broadway soundtracks. You are creative and crafty, helping with my campaign adventure writing and making accessories for the family gaming. You sit for hours with me watching classic science fiction and fantasy cinema, then spend days debating the finer points and quoting the great lines. You have grown into your own unique geeky young women. Sharing all these experiences as you both have grown up has been a privilege, an honor, and a blessing.

Now we are looking to the future…thrifting for prom dresses, working your first Gen Con booth, debating how daddy should react to future boyfriends, preparing for high school graduation, researching college options and majors, and having serious discussions regarding your lives beyond the doors of our home.

Emily and Rachel, thanks for making this daddy so proud. Happy Sweet Sixteen!


4 thoughts on “Happy Sweet Sixteen To My Twin Daughters

  1. David Miller

    A very Happy Birthday to you both Rachel and Emily! Wow, 16 is a fantastic year and I have no doubt one that will be filled with fantastic endeavors.

    I wish you both the very best in all that you do and that happiness, success, and wisdom fill your lives.

    I like the way your dad worked Gen Con in between prom dresses and boyfriends! =D

    Happy Birthday! =)

    1. T.R. Knight Post author

      The girls thank you for your birthday wishes.

      As for the Gen Con comments, this is the first year they will be joining me for the entire week. With Gen Con so early this year, it does not conflict with school. They will even be volunteering in an exhibit hall booth with me. I am so looking forward to sharing this special time with them.

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