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I am passionate about helping others in the game industry succeed with their creative endeavors. To help a designer or publisher polish their creative works for the gaming community to enjoy is very fulfilling and heartwarming. If I can assist you with proofreading or editing, please contact me via Email (tr “at”, Twitter, Facebook, or the Contact Form below.  I would enjoy working along side you and your team on creative projects. A full resume is available upon request. Thank you for considering me as a freelancer.


  • Lifelong tabletop gamer with thirty plus years of roleplaying experience
  • Comprehensive knowledge of proofreading, copy editing, and editorial style guides
  • Experience with Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office applications, and Scrivener
  • Knowledge and experience with British and American English spelling and vocabulary
  • Adjunct Professor of Game Studies course at Taylor University
  • Adjunct Professor of Writing & Editing for Games course at Taylor University


I freelance because I am passionate about gaming and helping others produce amazing games. These are my typical rates for freelance work but I am willing to negotiate if you have an alternate proposal. 

  • Tabletop Games - For proofreading or editing, listing my name in the credits and a copy of the game with any Kickstarter stretch goals. If the game can be signed by some of the design team, that is a wonderful bonus. An amazing game to enjoy playing with my friends and family is payment enough.
  • RPGs and Novellas – A printed copy of game with my name in the credits and $2 a page for proofreading, $0.01 a word for editing, or $0.03 a word for writing. RPGs with their higher word counts require a more significant time commitment and thus the additional financial compensation. If the game can be signed by some of the design team, that is a wonderful bonus.
  • Other Projects – For other projects besides proofreading and editing, please contact me and we can discuss a fair compensation.


If you would like references, I can put you in contact with PUBLISHERS I have worked with.

If you would like to review examples of my work, here are some PUBLISHED PROJECTS.


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