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My Freelancer Thanksgiving 2018

My Freelancer Thanksgiving 2018

My Freelancer Thanksgiving 2018

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is upon us here in the US. I am looking forward to time with my extended family and hanging out with my daughters home from college. So much to be thankful for this year as a freelancer. It has been another year of incredible creative projects, the opportunity to teach Games Studies again this past spring, a wonderful Gen Con experience with my family, prepping to once again teach Writing & Editing for Gaming in the Spring, joining Game Store Prophets podcast as a regular host, multiple game-related presentations at the University, and a stronger professional relationship with Stronghold Games. I have been blessed this year as a gamer and a freelancer.

We have also been celebrating how well our daughters have transitioned to college life. They are sophomores now and looking forward to some upcoming trips through the University. Having my daughters attend college where I work has been wonderful. Angie and I get to experience some empty nesting while still seeing our daughters occasionlly on campus and at church. So thankful that they are enjoying and flourishing in college. We know in the not-too-distant future they will be graduates and off on the next stages of their life.

But with those celebrations, we have had challenges as well. My grandparents passed away within a month of each other this year. While there was sadness at their passing, there was also celebration of their life and joy in seeing family I have not seen in a while. Angie’s Multiple Sclerosis started this year out unstable on the new medication, which continued to be challenging as I finished out my first school year in the new position at work. Luckily, my position is flexible and my CIO very understanding. As the year has progressed, her health and energy levels have begun to stabilize, but at a level decreased from previous years. We have spent this fall finding our new life balance as my caregiving duties have increased. Through it all, Angie and I have grown closer together through the highs and the lows.

Thanksgiving can be a great time to reflect on our lives, both the celebrations and the challenges. The celebrations are easy to remember and share, but the challenges teach us and help us grow. Through it all, be thankful always.


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