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On My Shelf: An Insider’s Guide To The UN

On My Shelf: An Insider’s Guide To The UN

On My Shelf: An Insider’s Guide To The UN

You have probably noticed quite a few more On My Shelf posts recently on my blog. The reason is two-fold. First it has to do with my life recently. If you read my Caregiving AND Gaming article you know that my wife, Angie, has been having some difficulties recently with her health related to her Multiple Sclerosis. Second, I have made a concerted effort recently to read more. I love to read but had set aside that hobby for other busier things and realized I was truly missing out on some quiet and contemplative time. I learn from and find pleasure from reading. It also helps me to relax from all the challenges around me. So, while my life has been a bit hectic with health issues and I have been reading, it is easy to take some time to share about these books with you for your enjoyment as well. On to the next book…

In October of 2015, I took a Daddy & Daughters trip to New York City. While there, a family friend took us on a extensive tour of the United Nations, which was fascinating. I have seen and heard of the United Nations on the news and it appears in quite a few political thriller and espionage movies that I enjoy. To actually be present in the UN Security Council room where so many significant and world-impacting debates have occurred was emotional and awe inspiring.

For Christmas this year, that same family friend gifted me An Insider’s Guide to the UN by Linda Fasulo. Sadly, like many books, it has sat on my “To Be Read” pile for quite some time. I recently pulled that book off the pile and quickly become fascinated by the book. It delves deep into the history and inner workings of the UN and its various councils, assemblies, and associated organizations. From the back cover of the new third edition (I have the second edition):

Insider's Guide to the UN CoverIn this third edition, prominent news correspondent Linda Fasulo updates and revises her lively, comprehensive, and authoritative guide to the United Nations, including candid insights from US and UN diplomats and officials as well as experts. Fasulo’s popular book carefully describes the UN system while covering issues as diverse as terrorism, peacekeeping, climate change, R2P (responsibility to protect), and sustainable development.

“Linda Fasulo’s book will become the indispensable source on the United Nations for everyone from students to diplomats. I keep it handy on my desk.”—Joseph S. Nye, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

“No one knows the big picture and inner workings of the UN better than Linda Fasulo. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in international affairs.”—Tom Brokaw, NBC News

“A sprightly, authoritative tour of the UN’s complex institutions, operations, history, personalities, and most important issues. My students find it superbly equips them with a solid understanding of the UN.”—John Hubbel Weiss, Cornell University

“Fasulo brings to the fore the issues and controversies that surround today’s United Nations.”—Ambassador Joseph H. Melrose, Jr., National Model United Nations

If you want to include governments or politics in your game or writing projects, I highly recommend this book, especially if it is internationally focused. The United Nations itself and many of its associated agencies are involved in events happening throughout the world.

What books have you been reading recently that I should consider related to gaming or freelancing?