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On My Shelf: Play Smart

On My Shelf: Play Smart

On My Shelf: Play Smart

At Gen Con 2019, I picked up Ignacy Trzewiczek‘s new (“old”) book, Play Smart – Insightful Advice On How To Be A Successful GM. The first-ever English release of this book was part of the 20th anniversary of Portal Games. I am not sure how old the book is in Polish, but this book was so fun to read today. I am impressed that the translators and editors didn’t clean up the text so much that the book lost the feel of Ignacy. Instead, while reading the book I could hear Igancy’s voice clearly in how he speaks English, his directness, and his sense of humor.

PlaySmart Book Cover

Ignacy Trzewiczek, board game designer, RPG author, and GM since 2004, takes us through his vivid interactions with players over the course of many years during his own sessions, sharing with us his unique and personal methods for resolving the issues that GMs may encounter.

Play Smart is a fascinating take on running RPGs, told through the experience and knowledge of humorous and dedicated GM who goes out of his way for the enjoyment of his players. At it’s best, it is a smart guidebook to help GMs approach their game sessions with a pocket full of ideas for the many problems that may occur in their role-playing games.

Back of book

Even as a three decade veteran of RPGs and being a GM, I found this book full of insights I will be using as a GM in my future RPG adventures and campaigns. I highly recommend this book for all GMs, but especially those who also enjoy Ignacy’s sense of humor and gaming style.


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