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Caring For The Caregiver

As a caregiver, it is very easy to become so focused on your responsibilities and the person you are caring for that you ignore your own duties, health, friends, hobbies, etc. I read this great To Do list on a…


Accessibility & Gaming Advocates

As we continue discussing Disability Awareness in March, you may not realize that many people enjoy the gaming hobby and have disability-related challenges. As a caregiver, I experience it and am sensitive to the need for accessible games. So, if…


On My Shelf: Caregiver Defined

I realize not all of my readers are caregivers or are provided care by another, but you have chosen to be on this journey with Angie and me as you read each of our blogs. Continuing our discussion during Indiana…


Indiana Disability Awareness Month 2019

March is Disability Awareness Month in Indiana. I have a lot of passion for Disability Awareness, as it impacts my family on a daily basis. My long-time readers are aware of this, but those of you new to the blog…


All’s Fair In Love And Gaming

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! As part of the holiday, Angie joined me this week on the Game Store Prophets podcast to discuss gaming as a couple and how we make gaming accessible for us. I have written numerous times about…