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Proofreading Is “Mind-Numbingly Boring”? I Think Not.

Proofreading Is “Mind-Numbingly Boring”? I Think Not.

Proofreading Is “Mind-Numbingly Boring”? I Think Not.

While running some errands this weekend, I was listening to gaming podcasts as I often do. In the most recent Board Games Insider, Ignacy Trzewiczek and Stephen Bounocore were discussing some of the day-to-day work of a designer and publisher, such as proofreading when Stephen stated,

“Mind-numbingly boring doing some of that stuff. It really is. My eyes glaze over as I am looking at rules and things, trying to find every little error and things like that.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I heard that. Why? Because I love proofreading and editing. I find it exciting to read through the text “trying to find every little error.” I don’t fault Stephen for saying what he did. Actually, I am so glad he and other publishers feel that way. If they didn’t, you and I would not have the freelancing opportunities that we do. I love helping others with their creative projects. What others consider “mind-numbing” I find challenging and exciting. There is an exhilaration as an editor and proofreader when you submit the final revision and hear positive feedback, or even praise, from the designer and/or publisher. Knowing you helped them produce an even better game makes every hour spent poring over the minutia of a manuscript worth it.

To be honest, I wish more game designers and publishers felt similar to Stephen and acted upon those feelings. So often I read an RPG or board game manual and notice the “little errors,” wishing I or some other passionate proofreader and editor would have had the chance to edit and proofread that game. I am more than happy to let publishers and designers attend all their meetings, prototyping, testing, interviews, more testing, more meetings, etc. For me, all those meetings would become “mind-numbingly boring.” I get enough meeting time in my day job. Please, pass your proofreading and editing on to me so you can go attend another meeting. That would be a win for both of us!

What areas, if any, of your freelancing do you find “mind-numbingly boring”? What things do you really enjoy that make others just look at you oddly?


2 thoughts on “Proofreading Is “Mind-Numbingly Boring”? I Think Not.

  1. Angie

    I know we all see manuals or printed directions that don’t quite make sense, and I enjoy sharing with friends and relatives that my husband is one who helps prevent some of these things. ;)