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Q&A: Favorite Podcasts?

Q&A: Favorite Podcasts?

Q&A: Favorite Podcasts?

While chatting with some students this week, the discussion eventually rolled around to gaming. That led to a discussion on how we get our gaming-related news, which led to a very detailed discussion of social media and gaming. Ultimately, because these students are very media centric regarding their news sources, the discussion narrowed down to their favorite media, which included social media feeds, podcasts and YouTube channels.

Side Bar: As a person who works in technology and with college students, that is another interesting discussion in itself. Streaming video and audio are viewed very interchangeably by students today (including my high school-age daughters). If they can subscribe to it on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or whatever so they get notification of new content on their mobile device, then it is all just media to them. They do not differentiate between video and audio, since both are available on their smartphones and tablets, which they have with them at all times. When I mentioned podcasts, not all of them were sure what I meant. When I said it was streaming audio you subscribe to in iTunes, they then knew what I was discussing.

Back to the topic on hand: as a result of that discussion, I thought it might be interesting to share my current favorite game-related streaming media sources (or podcasts as I still think of them in the “old” vernacular).

Favorite Game-Related Podcasts:

Favorite Game-Related YouTube Channels:

What are your current favorite podcasts or other gaming-related streaming media?

Also, as a freelancer, do you participate in any podcasts or videos? As a regular or a guest? I have done a couple guest spots and enjoyed the conversations. Curious what your experiences have been.



4 thoughts on “Q&A: Favorite Podcasts?

  1. Jessica Wade

    Some of my favorite gaming podcasts are:
    The State of Games, The Geek All-Stars, The Dice Tower, Start Space Podcast, The Broken Meeple, and The League of NonSensical Gamers

    And I have to give a shout out to Chris Leder and his episodes of Shut Up and Watch Dice Hate Happen on YouTube. Hilarious!!

    I did a guest spot on The State of Games podcast a few weeks ago and I loved doing it! I have a somewhat different perspective as a brand new gamer (only gaming since June 2015) and the conversation was just fun! Also, I think in the future I may get asked for my perspective as a new gaming woman who’s also a minority, but I was just happy to be contributing any viewpoint to the gaming community. I can’t wait to get more involved.

    1. T.R. Knight Post author


      I must agree, Chris Leder is absolutely hilarious. His most recent with the Tetris music haunting him was so nostalgic for me as well.

      It is wonderful that you have already found a voice in the gaming community. Can you please provide the link to the podcast episode which you were a guest? I would enjoy being able to hear your perspective as a new gamer. I wish you well and look forward to whatever involvement you continue to have in the gaming community. Thanks so much for sharing!