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Side Project: “Knight Rider” Outdoor Mobility Push Chair

Side Project: “Knight Rider” Outdoor Mobility Push Chair

Side Project: “Knight Rider” Outdoor Mobility Push Chair

Many times on this blog, I have mentioned that I am a caregiver to my wife, Angie, who has Multiple Sclerosis, often to speak about the challenges of MS and the impact it has on my hobbies and our lives. Well, I thought you all would enjoy a fun story with a happy ending. In the past couple years I have become very serious about walking to be healthy and to get to know my small town even better. Well, we tried various ways for Angie to join me from a quadracycle to a tricycle to her wheelchair and none have been very effective. The multi-wheeled bicycles were too tiring for her and balance was challenging. The wheelchair handled smooth roads but not potholes and rough roads, and it was challenging for me to push for very great distances on the roads. It couldn’t handle gravel and rough grassy areas at all. We tried when we could but it was always frustrating and tiring for both of us. Then our daughters started college and we were frustrated even more when we couldn’t access events easily when they were off the pavement in the rocks and gravel.

Knight Rider Mobility Push Chair Front YardSo I set my mind to finding a solution and did lots of research, which lead me to finding something called a Mobility Push Chair. These looked like they had some great potential for outdoor travel that would be comfortable for Angie and manageable for me. I checked into various companies that provided them and recommended models. Finally, working with our insurance we acquired an Adaptive Star Axiom Endeavor Outdoor Mobility Push Chair. It came late in the winter so we couldn’t use it but we were so very hopeful. Then winter remained very late in Indiana this year, which led to a late spring. Our anticipation kept building. We finally got out to try the Push Chair and our life was changed for the better. Seriously, this turned out better than we could have ever hoped.

Knight Rider Mobility Push Chair RoadFor the first time in years, we were once again able to take walks together and chat. Now we get out a few times each week, when it is cool enough for Angie, and enjoy wandering our neighborhood. Recently we were even able to walk across town to our local Blooms & Berries Festival in the park and wander all around the sidewalks and roads as well as the grass and gravel. We have been able to speak to neighbors also out walking, watch a family of Canada Geese on a nearby pond grow from hatchlings to full size geese, wave at random folks as they drive by (it’s a small town thing), and easily wander around our own yard so once again Angie can fully enjoy our gardens.

Knight Rider Mobility Push ChairOnce we started really getting into our new Mobility Push Chair we realized it needed a much better name. Push Chair and Axiom Endeavor were not fun, nor did they reflect the joy the chair offered us. We posted on our social networks asking for suggestions. Our friends did not disappoint, and one stuck the moment it was mentioned… Knight Rider. With our last name of Knight and both of us growing up watching the show in the 80s, it was such a perfect fit as it reflected the mobility it provided us in a humorous way. And it truly did give our life and marriage a Turbo Boost, as we spend even more quality time together doing things we love. We get to be outside, enjoying the sunshine, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood, being an active part of our community, talking together, and I receive the benefit of fun physical exercise. We also are no longer limited to roads and sidewalks as Knight Rider has no problem crossing grass, gravel, and rough terrain. This fall once the temperatures drop down again and I have had some time to build up even more the muscles it takes to push Knight Rider, we are hoping to try some accessible hiking paths that area State Parks have been adding. So many new and fun possibilities are now opened up to us.

Kitt Turbo Boost AnimatedThe main photo to the blog is my perspective while pushing Angie in Knight Rider. What you can’t see in that picture is the huge smile on both of our faces as we head out for another walk. Happy Trails!