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Side Project: Wheelchair Charioteer (Update)

Side Project: Wheelchair Charioteer (Update)

Side Project: Wheelchair Charioteer (Update)

Knight Family with Wheelchair

Back in April, I announced I was starting up Wheelchair Charioteer. At Gen Con 2019, I brought the special badge ribbons I had printed as a personal encouragement ministry. My wife has Multiple Sclerosis and uses a wheelchair. I assist her as a caregiver and push the wheelchair for her. This idea of being a charioteer popped into my head at Gen Con last year, so I had these badge ribbons printed and set up the website in preparation for this year. Having these ribbons to give away at Gen Con provided me so many opportunities to meet and talk with others in wheelchairs or power chairs, and their caregivers.

Because of these individuals having various challenges, I am not including any names or pictures, to respect their privacy. Each encounter was special. My wife and I met so many unique people…from a person who has attended Gen Con for decades with a wheelchair to a couple attending their first Gen Con with the wife using a wheelchair. Each story was unique. It was wonderful to be able to encourage people and let them know there are others, like Angie and me, who understand and empathize with the challenges of accessibility at a convention.

I definitely will be taking these with me any time Angie and I attend conventions or other large events with badges. It also emphasizes even more my desire to help conventions, game days, and game cafes understand ways they can make their events and locations more accessible.


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