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Side Project: Writers’ Bloc

Side Project: Writers’ Bloc

Side Project: Writers’ Bloc

In previous posts, I have mentioned, in passing, a group I am a part of called Writers’ Bloc.

Bloc (n): A combination of persons, groups, or nations forming a unit with a common interest or purpose.

“Writers’ Bloc” meets weekly at Taylor University, where area writers and editors gather to discuss and review proposals, chapters, essays, and ideas. Members include published authors, newspaper columnists, bloggers, editors, those with yet-unpublished works, and aspiring writers. Professors, community members, and recent grads have been gathering since 2009. Originally just called “writers group,” the name “Writers’ Bloc” was adopted in 2016, with a nod at the purposeful pun.

While attending this group with my wife, Angie Knight, I have come to truly appreciate the passion and work that goes into writing. This group has become so much more to Angie and me than just a gathering of professionals, and a place to share our current projects for review. We have also become close friends as we share not only about our works, but our lives and families. As new members join us, we get to know them and their lives as well. As a thank you for the wonderful friendships and times we spend together each week, I want to support the members of the Writers’ Bloc by sharing their writings with my readers. I have set up a page on my blog and a side panel stream on my main page where you can follow their writings and ongoing social media.

So, if you are interested in learning a bit more about me via who I hang out and talk freelancing with on a regular basis, then check out these blogs.

Writers’ Bloc Social Media

Do you attend a weekly or monthly meeting of creative freelancers (writers, editors, artists, graphic artists, designers, publishers, etc) to talk shop and to socialize with those that understand and empathize with your creative work?