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Side Trip: New Orleans And The Mad Cleric

Side Trip: New Orleans And The Mad Cleric

Side Trip: New Orleans And The Mad Cleric

Sorry the blog is short and late today, but my wife and I just returned from a trip to New Orleans. I am taking a quick break from unpacking and laundry to share a fun experience. Angie came along while I attended a conference for work (The ELI Annual Meeting which focuses on educational technology and pedagogy). On our way to New Orleans, we took a side trip so I could finally meet in person, Jason WoodThe Mad Cleric.

I had gotten to know Jason online via friends from InnRoads, and we instantly hit it off. We both have a passion for 1st Edition AD&D, which lead to my guest spot on his Chasing the Dragon Podcast. Since then, we have continued to talk online about gaming, faith, and family. So, when I confirmed I would be traveling to New Orleans I knew I had to try to set up a face-to-face meeting with Jason. It took a while to finalize plans, then we just threw those plans out the window (just like DMing a group of players who go off the planned adventure) and winged an impromptu meeting at his house to have beignets and meet his family.

My wife and I really enjoyed the visit, we just wish we could have had more time. Though this was our first face-to-face meeting, I felt a brotherhood with Jason. Sure, Jason and I talked some gaming, but we also had a wonderful chat as couples to get to know each other beyond gaming. I hope we can host Jason at our home or Gen Con in the future, and I will definitely look him up again if I am heading to New Orleans for another conference.

Friendships online are wonderful, and I cherish the many that I have. But, those relationships become even more special when you finally get to meet in person, share time together, and just be in each other’s presence. Which of your online friends have you had a special in person meeting with recently?

For those interested, here are some photo highlights from my wife and I’s trip to New Orleans.


3 thoughts on “Side Trip: New Orleans And The Mad Cleric

  1. Tamara Easley

    What you wrote about meeting on-line friends in person is exactly how I felt about meeting you, Angie and the girls for the trip to Prince Edward Island. I have only met two of the True Kindred Spirits, but it was a joy to spend time with each of them (and their families) in person. So glad Angie got to go on that trip with you!

    1. T.R. Knight Post author

      So many fond memories of that PEI trip and getting to spend time with you. Angie and I are hoping to return to PEI for our 25th Anniversary and spend a week there exploring the island.

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