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So what is a Wheelchair Charioteer? It is someone with such great heart they willingly offer themselves as a guide and servant to a friend or family member in a wheelchair who desires to enjoy a convention or event. Though many events assist with making their locations more accessible, it can still be very challenging for someone in a wheelchair (manual or powered), and thus having someone along to assist is a great blessing. I see this most often at tabletop gaming and geek conventions, but occasionally professional conventions also. How do I know this so well, and why do I notice? I, personally, am a Wheelchair Charioteer and want to show my appreciation to others like me.

Angie and I with Wheelchair at Gen Con 2019

I am a caregiver to my wife who has Multiple Sclerosis. Any time we are out, she is using a wheelchair to get around and you will find myself or one of my daughters happily pushing her and assisting her as needed. She has been attending Gen Con with me for years, so if you attend, you may have seen us wandering around, her in her wheelchair and me charioteering behind with a smile on my face. We love sharing our hobby together, we just do it at our own pace with the wheelchair. And the more I attend Gen Con and other events, the more I notice others pushing wheelchairs or walking along with a friend or family member in a powered wheelchair. I have often wanted to encourage those other caregivers and have a way to start a conversation, but I wasn’t always sure how. Then I had this weird geeky vision of caregivers who push wheelchairs being like the charioteers of ancient history. And an idea took hold in my heart and mind, the Wheelchair Charioteer project was born.

Wheelchair Charioteer Badge Ribbon

My incentive to start the Wheelchair Charioteer project and supply the ribbon badges was from a deep desire to encourage my fellow caregivers at gaming conventions and to promote more accessibility at the events. I carry a supply of these Wheelchair Charioteer badge ribbons with me at conventions to gift to others I see supporting wheelchair users, giving words of encouragement to them as well. Thanking them for their heartfelt service. The badge ribbons are a great conversation starter!

I am a huge proponent for more accessibility in my tabletop gaming hobby, and the Wheelchair Charioteer badge ribbon idea follows along with my ongoing work to make tabletop game events and tabletop games more accessible.

If you are a fellow caregiver who charioteers for your friend or family member at conventions or events and would like a Wheelchair Charioteer badge ribbon, send me an Email or use the contact form below to supply me with your address and I will gladly mail you a Wheelchair Charioteer as a gift to say thank you for being a Wheelchair Charioteer and supporting accessible gaming. I would love someday to see pictures of you being a charioteer and wearing your badge ribbon at your favorite event or location.

If you are a host (convention, event, community game night, game cafe, game store) and are interested in acquiring some of these Wheelchair Charioteer badge ribbons for your location, send me an Email or use the contact form below and we will work something out for getting a large number of these to you to support your Wheelchair Charioteers and accessible gaming. I would love to hear how these badge ribbons integrate with your work to make your event or location more accessible.

You can Email me (tr “at” or use the contact form below.

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