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Who’s Who Of Game Credits

Who’s Who Of Game Credits

Who’s Who Of Game Credits

Ever read the credits page of a game you enjoy and wonder about the various positions listed? Would you like to work in the game industry someday but are not sure how some of the positions work? The game industry is made up of so many wonderful people doing unique and interesting jobs. That board game, card game, miniature game and/or roleplaying game you like so much required a lot of passionate work from multiple people. Have you ever stepped back to think about those people involved?

Last year about this time, I wrote an article that briefly defined some of the most common positions you see listed in the credits of games. This year, I want to take a more personal look into those positions and introduce you to real people doing those very jobs in the game industry. Over the coming weeks, I will be interviewing game industry professionals and sharing their stories with you in a new Monday series called Game Credits Who’s Who (#GameCreditsWW).

Each game professional will share a bit about themselves, how they got into the work they are currently doing, challenges of their position, current projects they are working on, and how to follow their work. I am hoping through these personal interviews that you gain better insights and appreciation of what it takes to create these games we all love so much.

I will definitely have interviews with a publisher, writer, artist, editor, designer, graphic designer, and perhaps some other positions you are not as familiar with. Check back next week for the first in the series.

If you have someone in particular you would like me to reach out to, I could look into that and try to add them to my list of game professionals I am already talking with for the series.


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